Inkwire Screen Share + Assist

Ever wanted to give another Android user a hand? Inkwire lets you easily share your screen to another Android user. With just a couple clicks, you can request to view another user’s Android. Once connected, you can optionally start a voice chat, and draw on their screen to guide them through their issue.

Great for:
* Helping friends and family out with phone troubles
* Customer support for Android apps
* Teaching new Android users

Mobile Screen Sharing-Live Screen Talk app to share your screen with voice talk and allow to share Images, Videos, Games single live sharing screen. Use this method instead of sharing photos, links or any other way. Live Mobile Sharing App to share anything live voice talk with your friends and relatives and share your mobile screen to coming live on mobile screen with friends.

The app Work for all android devices
Switch Live screen sharing with a simple call to another user
Live voice talk with friends
Fast way to share the mobile screen with other android users
Live Screen Voice talk
Live mobile screen sharing with friends Simple login process required
Share mobile screen with Voice talk Share screen while you playing game
Free to launch an app in a smartphone
Live screen sharing of video, images, games, social post
Just single tap and share your screen with another user

If you enjoyed sharing your mobile screen and like using this fantastic app than share with your friends & relatives.

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