Call Log Editor and Backup

Call log manager (Edit, Add, Backup, Restore).
The best and the easiest way to add and edit your phone call log.

You can edit the time, date, duration, call type, and phone number for any call you have made.
Also, you can add any call to the log with a specific time, date, during and type.
In other words, you can customize you log as you like.

There’s another feature; that you Can backup your call history (log) and restore it.

0. This application will appear as “Phone” on your smartphone to guarantee your privacy.
1. This application doesn’t store any user data.
2. This application works offline and doesn’t require an internet connection.
3. It’s an Ads-free app (enjoy without ads).
4. No registration is needed.
6. Simple, reliable and easy to use

Here are some of the core features of Call Logs Backup app,
– Backup your call logs with a single tap.
– Restore call logs with ease.
– View call logs within the app.
– Filter and view call logs in your backup file based on date range of your choice.
– Export date range filtered call logs from your backup files in .csv format*. (‘Export Options’ or ‘PRO Version’ has to be purchased to use this feature)
– Do a full directory search for old backup files created using Call Logs Backup app.
– Effortlessly share your saved call log backup files.
– Paranoid about giving storage permissions? We respect you as well. Call Logs Backup fluently handles both cache-only and internal storage backup files. (But do note that cache-only backup files run the risk of getting lost if you either clear the cache or uninstall the app from your phone)

NOTE: We are not deleted call logs recovery app. We do not and will not recover/restore deleted call logs from your phone as such. The call logs should be backed up at-least once before deleting it from your phone, in which case it can be restored using the same backup file.

Looking for more features? Fasten your seat belts and ride along with us, as we have carefully curated a list of exciting upcoming updates based on market research. Also, make sure you grab on the Pro version and help us buy barrels of coffee to guzzle while we work on these exciting updates.


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